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Now let’s look at what the essay plan should be and what to write here. Here is the structure of writing material:
Main reasons
Additional reasons
What should be the structure and plan of the essay for writing
Some of you may not know how to start an essay. But do not worry! There is nothing complicated. In the first part (introduction) it is enough to indicate how you are going to solve the problem.
Especially here do not paint!
The size of the entry should be small. Just describe the solution in general terms. Or you can immediately ask the reader a question, and in other parts disclose it.
It would be even better if you plot the intrigue at the beginning of the essay. This is a very well fueled interest in the material. This is especially useful for some specific and complex topics.
In parts 2 and 3, you must demonstrate to the reader that you understand the subject. Here you need to show that everything is balanced.
For example, in the second part, there will be reasons supporting what is in the fourth part. It will be “For”. And in the third part, there will be reasons against the fact that in the fourth part.
But this is only a conditional division.
In the second part, you can have the most powerful reasons for and against. And in the third part, some additional reasons.
The main way to write good stuff is to write according to plan. But it should not be too detailed. There were schemes where it was written from and to. But the compositions in such cases turned out not very good.
What should be the plan for writing an essay?
An essay writing plan is an understanding of what you shouldn’t say at the beginning. This is the ability to leave your main idea just for the denouement. That is for the fourth part.
The end is what you state and state very clearly. It should be something from the second or third part. Add some information on your own. It is important for your essay and statement. Therefore, the fourth point – this is the outcome.
As a rule, it will be the largest part of the material. In it, you again list the facts supported by quotations. It is clear, logical and in order only what is relevant to the issue.
Paragraph 5, line 1 should be small. It is logically derived from the fourth paragraph. This is a conclusion from all of the above.