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An essay (from the French essai “attempt”, “trial”, “essay”) is a literary genre of a prose piece of small volume and free composition. Expresses the individual impressions and thoughts of the author on a specific occasion and does not claim to be an exhaustive interpretation of the topic.
What is an essay and what are the features of this genre?
Here you can be as subjective as you want. You have no task to cover the subject entirely. You do not claim the last resort. These are just your thoughts on a specific topic.
The founder of this genre is Michel Montaigne. His book “Experiments” consists of an essay on various topics. For example, about honor, conscience, money, morals and so on.
An essay is also an artistic genre that is widely used in the modern world, in print and literature.
Instead of facts, the originality of the author’s thinking comes to the fore. Now you do not need to run on the Internet in search of topics and informational occasion. Here the reason is also present. But it’s rather just a thought, some kind of topic that you grasped and decided to speculate about.
Here you show your intellect and emotions. This is an option to show your syllable because you are not limited to a specific style. You can use any expression and all the colors of the language.
There is no frame!
This is a great form to show your intelligence and well-read. This is one of the ideal formats for a blog. If you look at blogs and websites, then most often they consist of articles and essays.
How to write an essay?
Now let’s talk about how to write an essay correctly and interestingly.
How to write an essay correctly and interestingly for all readers of the genre?
First, let’s consider the criteria for this genre:
Small volume and specific topic
Personality approach to disclosure, subjectivity
Free composition: impressions, memories, associations
Free use of the lexical composition of the language
The atmosphere of trust, conversation
“I am in the world” and “peace in me”
The volume of the essay and topics
The volume of the essay for scientific materials is in the range of 2-3 thousand characters. As a rule, this is for students and professionals. More rarely occurs. In the genre of journalism can only be even less.