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The volume of the essay for literature and scientific materials
The only exception is the literary genre. In it, the size of the essay can be any because it is a free genre. It may consist of a single phrase or a whole book.
The size should be such that you can speak. To have time to say the most important thing, until the reader is bored.
The next sign is a specific topic.
We do not write an essay on the topic of “world peace.” No need to get diaries village philosopher after a bottle of moonshine. You need to limit yourself to a particular topic and problem.
Approach and composition
It is also a personal approach to the disclosure of the topic. What you personally think about this. What are your emotions and feelings? Subjectivity is a sign of an essay.
The following is a free composition.
There are no rules about where to start and how to finish. You do not just describe your impressions. But you can also describe memories and associations.
For example, you write about how they went to the Moscow bakery. On the street, they saw how a young man decided to help an older man cross the road.
This prompted you to reflect on the morality of today’s youth. In your memoirs about Moscow, not today, but in 1943. Then you were a child and also observed a similar situation.
That is, in the genre of essay, you can go in time and space. Something to remember and tell about some associations. This will be a free composition.
Atmosphere and essay writing rules
There is still an atmosphere of trust. This is such a sincere conversation with a reader over a cup of tea in the kitchen.
The most important rules for writing an essay
In the essay we try to show ourselves in the world and the world in us. These are two sides of the genre. What you see and how you feel. And also, what is the place in relation to this event.
Rules for writing an essay:
Write about what’s interesting
About what you think or feel
Write as you want
It turns out that writing in this genre means trying to be free. But to write freely, it does not mean how horrible.
To make writing interesting to other people, you need to revive everything with your interest. Learning to write tasty and fun. Learn to fly.